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Our Mission: "To Facilitate your journey in mastering
optimal health and wellness; physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Optimal Health Dynamics offers a variety of natural health products.


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Mastering Life's Lessons
- Dr. Sondrup's New Book

Price: $16.95

Reclaiming Your Power
- Dr. Sondrup's First Book

Price: $16.95

The Paleo Plus Plan
- Dr. Sondrup's First Book

Price: $16.95

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Blood Amalgam
- Book 1 of the Crimson Chronicles

Price: $3.99 (Kindle Edition; Amazon Only)

Homeopathic HCG
Price: $89.99

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Price: $14.95

Price: $14.95

Price: $24.95

Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit Relationships Poster
Price: $30.00



Weight Release

Guided Meditation

*Finally! A new approach to weight loss that focuses on the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of losting weight! Our new "weight release" guided meditation will enhance any dietary/exercise program that you are currently engaged in or about to be.

*Join Dr. Corey Sondrup on an incredible journey within yourself, removing the blocks, barriers, and beliefs getting in your way of having the life and body you so desire. By going within and connecting with you Creator, you can release old beliefs and install new beliefs regarding yourself, love, forgiveness and weight release.

*Dr. Sondrup's weight release guided meditation is based on the concepts and applications of many body-mind-spirit healing modalities. Some of the modalities incorporated are:

Theta Healing


Powertouch Dynamics

Shamanic Healing

Emotional Freddom Technique

Neurolinguistic Programming

Neuroemotional Technique


*As you relax and enjoy the meditation, your brain waves will ideally be cycling at four to seven cycles per second, or often referred to as the "theta" brain wave state. Theta is where we tap into our intuition, where accelerated learning occurs and where spiritual experiences and spontaneous healings occur. Theta is the state where we become on with the universe and our creator.